Medical Advisory Board: Dr. Ram Dandillaya, Clinical Chief, Cardiology, Cedars-Sinai; Dr. Antonio J. Forte, Faculty, Mayo Clinic; Dr. John J. Lee, Faculty, Harvard Medical School; Dr. Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize Laureate. OpenEvidence is a Mayo Clinic Platform Accelerate Company.
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OpenEvidence.comClinicalKey AI
State-of-the-art medical AI technology
Licensed for clinical use
AI EngineOE AI 1.0OE AI 2.0
Use caseLimited availability trial to explore the possibilities of physician grade conversational AI.Clinical decision support at the point of care. Responses are concise and actionable, with additional detail provided as needed.
Content ScopeAbstracts Treatment guidelines FDAFull text journal publications Full text medical textbooks ClinicalKey drug monographs ClinicalKey drug class overviews ClinicalKey clinical overviews MedLine background articles Full text treatment guidelines FDA
Professional featuresQuestion history, in-page citation snippets, precise links to supporting evidence from long documents
Usage limit10 questions per weekUnlimited, Other

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